Several years ago, I was in the market to purchase a Ranger Tug. I soon met John Denike, who served as a broker for the purchase of an R27. I found him to be very knowledgeable and efficient in handling the purchase. The boat was delivered in pristine condition on a timely basis.

This past January, I decided to sell the boat, and of course, I called John to handle the transaction. John personally had the boat hauled, cleaned, painted the bottom, and waxed the hull. He also completed several mechanical items that needed to be done. As a result, John soon had a qualified buyer, selling the boat promptly with complete transparency of the transaction.

John Denike has recently added some exciting boat models to his dealership. You can be confident that any dealings with him will be honest, straightforward, and timely. I highly recommend him.

Larry Rick

Retired Delta Captain